International Open Week 2022 FAQs
Have questions about customising your timetable?
Check out our frequently asked questions for more information.  
How can I build my timetable?
  • On the International Open Week website select a session you’d like to join and click on the button ‘Add to timetable’. The session will be automatically added to your timetable and you don’t need to do anything further.
  • To remove a session from your timetable, select ‘Remove from timetable’.
  • You can add or remove sessions at any time.
How can I access my timetable?
You can access you timetable by signing into the International Open Week website and checking ‘My Timetable’.
Will I receive a confirmation email after I add a session to my timetable?
There will be no confirmation email. A session is automatically added to your timetable after you select ‘Add to timetable’. You can view your timetable at any time by signing into the website.
How can I join a live session?
The links for joining the sessions live will be available on the International Open Week website on the day of the event, shortly before sessions start.
Can I join a session even if it's not in my timetable?
Yes you can. On the day of the event all sessions will have an option to join live.
Can I add two sessions into the same time slot?
You will not be able to add two sessions into the same time slot. However, you can watch a session recording on demand after the event has ended.
Which browser is best to use to watch the event live? 
We suggest using Google Chrome or Firefox.
Will sessions be recorded and when will they be available to view? 
All sessions will be recorded and available on demand on the website shortly after the event. 
What should I do if I experience a technical issue?  
If you’re experiencing technical issues, please notify us by filling in this form and our support team will be ready to assist you as quickly as possible.

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