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Business School

The Business School has an unconditional commitment to quality teaching and research in topics that are forward-focused and relevant to the commercial world.

Business School

The Business School has an unconditional commitment to quality teaching and research in topics that are forward-focused and relevant to the commercial world.

University of Auckland Business School

Business has the potential to bring about transformational change, solve societal challenges through innovation and collaboration, and improve the world.

At the University of Auckland Business School, we are shaping the futures of people and organisations for the benefit of Aotearoa New Zealand and people across the globe.

Doan Thanh Hoa - Scholarship 

offers “new beginning”

The programme helped me a lot – not just with overall accounting knowledge, but also with transferable skills such as critical thinking, analysis and communication.

Chelsea - A day in the life of a Master of Management student at the University of Auckland

Master of Management student Chelsea Abcede takes us through a day in her life as a postgraduate student at the University of Auckland Business School.

Undergraduate study

Our undergraduate programmes are flexible, allowing you to select the right programme to meet your interests and career aspirations.

Postgraduate study

Whether you want to accelerate your current career, pivot to a new one or expand your career options, our postgraduate programmes can help you achieve your goal…

Study options at the Business School


Master of Applied Finance | Launch your career in finance

The Master of Applied Finance programme is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving finance industry, offering you a practical applied learning experience using the latest industry technology.

If you like the excitement and dynamics of capital markets and you want to learn about the elements that make them work, this programme is for you.

Why study Business Analytics?

The future for Business Analysts is extremely promising - the demand for those with Business Analytics skills far exceeds supply - the industry needs you! Find out about studying Business Analytics.

Why study Accounting?

The future of accounting looks bright and while the job titles are changing (hello future ‘advisers’ and ‘analysts’), the skills the Accounting major offers will be more vital to the industry than ever before, and combining Accounting with another Business subject as a double major will expand your career options even further. Find out more about the Accounting major, which is recognised by professional bodies including CAANZ, CPA Australia, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the CFA Institute.

Why study Economics?

Study Economics and discover the relationships and influences between the economy and society and how they play out in the real world. Find out more about studying Economics.

Why study Commercial Law?

When you study Commercial Law you’ll learn about the rules and regulations behind important business decisions so you can help organisations mitigate risk and create wealth. Hear more about majoring in Commercial Law.

Why study Finance?

Finance opens up an extensive range of global careers, including in banking, investment management, corporate finance, treasury and financial analysis. Hear more about the Finance major.

Why study Information Systems?

Study how to govern, innovate, design and develop software and systems for business and the wider world – skills and knowledge that are growing in demand. Find out more about our Information Systems major.

Why study Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

Study Innovation and Entrepreneurship to gain the skills and knowledge to found your own start-up or take on commercialisation and innovation roles in growth-oriented firms and organisations. Watch now to discover more about our Innovation and Entrepreneurship major.

Why study International Business?

By studying International Business you’ll be taking steps to become a global citizen with careers open to you anywhere in the world. Find out more about studying International Business.

Why study Management?

Every organisation needs leadership. The skills you learn in the Management major will be crucial in helping businesses and industries adapt and succeed in any industry. Find out about studying Management.

Why study Operations and Supply Chain Management?

When you study Operations and Supply Chain Management you’ll learn how to solve some of the complex problems involved in the journey products make from manufacturer to customer. Find out more about studying Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Why study Property?

The Bachelor of Property will prepare you for a range of careers in the dynamic and profitable property sector. Find out more about this exciting specialist degree.

Why study Taxation?

Taxation will give you in-depth knowledge of New Zealand’s tax system so you can advise people and organisations on tax matters and help them make smart business and investment decisions. Find out more about studying Taxation.

Why study Marketing?

Studying Marketing opens up a diverse range of careers, including roles in advertising, market research and customer insights. Watch now to hear about studying Marketing.

Why I chose the University of Auckland Business School?

Master of Management student Chelsea tells us why she chose the University of Auckland and how the International Business Masters Scholarship has made an impact for her studies.



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